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10/29/2023 18:40 in News

From the Final Call

NEW IBERIA, La.—A Black judge sentenced an 11-year-old Black girl to seven years relating to the fatal shooting of Kamaran Bedsole, a 36-year-old White man. Half of that time will be in custody and the other on probation. (See The Final Call Vol. 43 No. 26 and Vol. 43 No. 30)

During the highly anticipated hearing on May 8, Judge Roger Hamilton said that he wasn’t there to seek justice or to punish, but was there to intervene and rehabilitate, and to see to the needs of the child, which he called a delicate balance.“You will be with this court for the next seven years,” stated Judge Hamilton. The little girl wept silently, wiping her eyes and cheeks as he asked if she understood him. “Yes,” she softly replied, twice. Around that time, about five people walked out of court, shaking their heads.Judge Hamilton said he hoped she understood and could get past the experience she had that day.